PHOTO PRODUCTION & CASTING/LOCATIONS Las Vegas Location Scout Work Year 3 - The Quail Farm Tyrone  Springtime Official Music Video 480p Video VIDEO- Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Video Production Location Scouting and Management Advertising Production Portfolio VIDEO- MADISON AVE Video New Work Fashion/Portraits VIDEO-BROOKLYN NAVY YARD Video Fashion VIDEO-AMY SHERALD Video Editorial BTS ManVsSquirrel Video SPRING 2021 RUNWAY VIDEO Video Animation "Bunny" Video Animation "Rosie" Video Animation "Mr.Moon'sWedding" Video AnimaticReel Video Meerbra.MP4 Video Max Frost Video Beggins Video Video Thrills1.MP4 Video ▶ CELEBRATING THE MUSIC OF JOHNNY CASH  WE WALK THE LINE! | Highlights | PBS (720p) Video The Iron Orchard.MP4 Video UTadCampaign.MP4 Video UTadCampaign2.MP4 Video Lauv.MP4 Video Under Armour   Ask a Trainer    Losing Weight Video ▶ Intramural Official Trailer (2014) Sports Comedy HD (720p) Video Run for the Water Campaign by Sanders\Wingo Video H E B Futbolizate (720p) Video
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