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Want want want!!!
Posted on 29th April 2008 by Thérèsa

The down side about most spring outfits for me is that I cant do much layering therefore I tend to prefer outfits that are simple but with enormous amount of details from pleats to ruffles, unusual materials from sheer to metallics and of course the bright colours (a spring staple). A brand's Spring collection that seems to fit into my description of outfit I "want want want", even desperately need for spring is that of Greyhound original .

Greyhound original is one of three sub-brands by Greyhound , others include " Hound and Friends " and "Playhound ." They are a bangkok based brand which is known for its "simple but never boring outfits."

My favourite from the collection includes the pink dress, the leather sleeveless jacket as well as the nude coloured dress with puff sleeves.

Sadly I havent been able to find any online shop or maybe if they export to the UK, therefore it looks like the pink dress and leather sleeveless jacket would have to remain in my rather never ending "want want want!!!" list, for much longer.

However if anyone knows if Greyhound ships to the UK or where I can find the online store please do let me know.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic