Photography Portfolio Launches to New Heights
Posted on 16th April 2019 by Austin Gould

For Dripbook's next blog post we will dive into the world of industrial photography with Ryan Ketterman, a very talented commercial photographer and FAA-licensed drone pilot, specializing in advertising photography and video.

He recently worked on a project for Enterprise Florida , the state’s economic development organization. He was there shooting stills alongside some folks from the advertising agency St. John & Partners , who were capturing 360 VR footage of the launch. This was part of a larger project where the team captured many different industries around the state to showcase how much Florida has to offer.

The project took place at Cape Canaveral on Florida’s east coast in January 2017. Part of this project involved photographing the launch of an Atlas V rocket by United Launch Alliance . This rocket was carrying a Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Satellite that it was sending into Earth's orbit.

Access to the launch site was highly secured and required special access. The production people with St. John & Partners coordinated access with United Launch Alliance. Even though they had clearance, they still had escorts around the entire facility for added security.

Ryan told us that every single aspect of this photoshoot was unique. This line of work has given him access to all kinds of unique locations that he would have never otherwise had access to, but Ryan told us that photographing a rocket launch and having that much access made this project one of his all time favorite shoots and locations.

This project also struck a personal chord for Ryan, who told us, "Just being at Cape Canaveral and seeing all of it up close was a childhood dream come true. As a kid growing up in Florida, I always wanted to see a launch up close. My parents took us to Kennedy Space Center when I was young; we were there to watch a Space Shuttle launch. Unfortunately it got scrubbed at the last minute and we never got the opportunity to go again. So, being able to witness a launch and photograph it at the same time was amazing!"

This project also presented some unique challenges. The largest challenge Ryan faced was the fact that he had never photographed a rocket launch before. He has a ton of experience in industrial and long exposure night photography though, and he was able to apply this experience to the task at hand. He made it a point to educate and inform himself, learning how to set up a remote sound-triggered camera on the launch pad, and how to deal with the extremes in dynamic range during the launch.

In Ryan's words, "In addition to the amazing opportunity I had to photograph this rocket launch, the learning process itself is a lot of fun. The constant growth needed to continually meet the demands of clients and my own personal standards is a huge driving force."

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