Photographing and Balancing Amidst Tumbling Waves
Posted on 19th February 2019 by Austin Gould

We recently noticed some great photos by George Kamper on Dripbook featuring yoga poses in the ocean!

These photos were taken as part of an editorial project for Shape Magazine . The magazine was doing a profile on the company Tash Fit Yoga owned by the incredible Fitness & Meditation Coach, Tash Tringale. Tash is also a fitness model, and she often uses the paddle board for all sorts of interesting yoga poses and exercises.

Portraying Serenity Amongst Tumbling Waves

Shape Magazine had the original idea to shoot Tash on the paddle board, then trusted George to bring the idea to life. The poses and lighting choices were entirely in the hands of George and Tash. They shot on location with complete creative freedom, and without any representative from the magazine.

Portraying Serenity Amongst Tumbling Waves

Every sport George photographs comes with its own unique challenges in terms of lighting and motion, but paddle boarding was even more challenging.  They had decided what shots they were going to get beforehand on the beach, and that was the easiest part of the shoot. When they transitioned into the water to begin shooting, there was a complexity in terms of timing. The waves were always changing the subject in frame, and the subject's orientation to the background, which required George to constantly adapt with every passing second.

Portraying Serenity Amongst Tumbling Waves

George's assistant was also there, switching between carrying a light on a pole and using a large bounce reflector. Whether they were dealing with small or big waves, or if the waves were breaking in front of them or not, the whole team had to put their water skills to the test in order to get the right shots. On top of all this, Tash had to deal with the small challenge of, you know... balancing on her head in the ocean. It was hard because she had to hold her poses long enough for George to get the shot. In George's words it was, "Very fun, but very very challenging."

Portraying Serenity Amongst Tumbling Waves

George's favorite part of the project was working with Tash. He told us that, "She is such a pro and had such a great attitude. I’m looking forward to shooting with her again. She’s a sweetheart and I love the final pics!"

Portraying Serenity Amongst Tumbling Waves

The final images turned out incredible, with almost no retouching! These photos have each received hundreds of likes on George Kamper's instagram page ( @georgekamper ), with the close up shot of Tash balancing on her palms receiving over 1,100 likes!

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