Retouching - Keep it Natural
Posted on 14th November 2019 by Austin Gould

Photographer: Dave Kennedy @ Super Nova Creative Management

Hair and Makeup: Chantelle Candice Brown @ Gloss Artist Management

Retoucher: Tamzen Appunn

Photography Assistant: Ross Nortier @ Cape Collective Assist

Art Direction & Production: The Madeup Co


Miracle @ Kids Division

Jade @ Ice Kids

Inez @ Funky Models

Tyler, Hussain, Benji & Hudson


Cape Point Ostrich Farm and Rehabilitation Centre, In Cape Town South Africa


Tamzen Appunn is a Dripbook artist whose retouching contributed to some stunning images for Untainted Magazine. For her part of the project, she wanted her retouching to be undetectable. The whole photoshoot was intended to reflect nature, so Tamzen wanted to keep the photos natural.


She worked with photographer Dave Kennedy and makeup artist Chantelle Candice Brown, who were originally contacted for the photoshoot. Dave and Chantelle were also responsible for crafting the concept and elements of the photos. The magazine wanted the images to be inspired by the theme, “Animal Instincts”, reflecting the 2019 Earth Day holiday, and the importance of protecting animal species and their environments. It was important for the team to make sure every aspect of the shoot reflected this, including ensuring that the shoot was sustainable.

Retouching Details

When it came to retouching the photos, Tamzen was tasked to keep it natural, enhancing the animals by making them clearer and sharper. She also did a lot of color balancing of the images in order to make them coherent with the story’s theme and aesthetic.

Tamzen classifies her style of retouching as natural and flawless, drawing her inspiration from color. Color balance is vital to Tamzen’s work. She uses complementary colors and tries to keep the look of the photos as natural as possible. She wants her retouching to be undetectable, as close as possible to the original image caught on camera, yet skillfully edited to enhance the natural elements of the image. From Tamzen’s perspective, it is important for a photo to instantly grab the viewer’s attention. Her goal in retouching is to add those finishing touches that will lure the viewer in.

Project Highlights

Tamzen’s favorite part of this project was simply participating in the promotion of nature and sustainability. The entire crew was conscious of their carbon footprint, using a skeleton crew, recycling waste, carpooling to the shoot, and using canisters of water instead of plastic bottles. Tamzen was so passionate about the cause that she offered to do all the retouching without compensation. She just wanted to help tell the story. In her words, “It felt good to be a part of a concept without expecting anything in return except beautiful imagery.


Tamzen’s advice to other artists is to surround yourself with the best creative individuals and learn from those who are at the top of their craft. At the same time you must always remember to be humble, patient, and give 100%.

We hope you enjoyed reading the story behind this project by Tamzen Appunn !

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