Dripbook featured in Resource Magazine.
Posted on 26th April 2008 by Alex Wright

In their biggest and baddest issue yet, Resource Magazine has a full page review of Dripbook in a five page feature comparing Dripbook to LiveBooks and Clickbooq - both Web portfolio creation sites. While Dripbook is in a different league than both - only Dripbook has created a cross-referenced, browsable catalog of it's artists' portfolios - it is nice to see Dripbook compared against some much heavier hittiers - LiveBooks has been around for ages.

Some notable quotes...

"That's right: Dripbook caters to more than just ... the photo industry. There are thirty-eight genres..."

"If you're flying into L.A. for a last minute shoot and are in dire need of a makup artist, you can find what you're looking for through Dripbook."

"A ... tool recently emerged from the Dripbook laboratory that allows users to export a personal web site from Dripbook to their own registered URL, effectively allowing you to create your own site without all the technical know-how you ain't got. An example can be found online at http://justinmuschong.com ."

Oh yeah. Dripbook costs a FRACTION of what either other site costs, and has features well above both.

Unfortunately, the Dripbook Sites project was just being created and unwrapped at the time this article went to press, so the author didn't get to test-drive our latest and most bad-ass feature . But it is nice to be reviewed next to other established, heavy hitting Web sites that do some, but not all, of what Dripbook does.