Dripbook Stickers - campaign from the street.
Posted on 22nd April 2008 by Alex Wright

Finding these stickers all over. Here's a few snapshots.

UPDATE - we're all out of stickers now. We didn't think you'd like them so much. We've mailed them to everyone who asked so far, even Lithuania and Australia. And we'll print some more and send you taller stacks.

Anyone know of a good place to print PAPER stickers - ones which stick on better / longer? Let us know if you know.


From: Jeffrey Dwayne , April 28th, 2008 : 04:38p.m. UTC
Love the stickers, send me a package!
From: Gavin Thomas , April 28th, 2008 : 06:16p.m. UTC
greenpoint post office!!??
From: Y Kai , April 28th, 2008 : 06:20p.m. UTC
promotive but i liek ti, already sent the adress, waiting
From: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader , May 10th, 2008 : 01:13a.m. UTC
Saw some of these today at a G stop. :D)
From: Y Kai , July 19th, 2008 : 10:25a.m. UTC
From: Alex Wright , July 24th, 2008 : 06:02p.m. UTC
Nice work on those redesigns...
From: Rose Kingi , August 17th, 2008 : 10:08a.m. UTC
Is there still going to be more of these made? I want!