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Posted on 14th May 2008 by Resource Magazine

A NIGHT AT SPLASHLIGHT Resource Magazine wants to thank all our contributors and the 1,000+ guests from all areas of the industry for what was an amazing evening at SPLASHLIGHT STUDIOS. Featured at this event was the sounds of DJ MOOSH, a captivatin...
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Fresh on the Shelves of the Resource Website!
Posted on 5th May 2008 by Resource Magazine

Resource Magazine is announcing 2 new contests on their website, get your work published, be discovered and let the world see what you're really made of!   www.resourcemagonline.com GO TO PHOTO CONTESTS.

Resource Magazine's Interns are partying their way home.
Posted on 4th May 2008 by Resource Magazine

Resource Magazine is now accepting new interns. On May 9th Resource Magazine is holding a big industry event for their Spring 2008 issue. Marking another successful issue, another occupied shelf, and a sad farewell to our trusty interns. However, this ...